Your Wedding

What does the Florist need to know?

Allow Gloucester Florists to make you Wedding Day unique with our first class floral services.Through their craft and creativity our professional team can transform your personal dream into a reality on your special day.

Gloucester Florists reputation for wedding flowers and professional attention to detail has meant we are recommended florists to many wedding venues.We are happy to offer free consutation and visit the venue to ensure that the flowers the bride receives are in keeping with her vision of colour and theme.We can also provide mock ups of table centres,flower samples for colour matching and carry out home visits for the busy bride.

Flowers can be used in a huge variety of ways for your wedding-sometimes in small quantities to simply reflect a theme or in larger quantities to help set it.

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Theme and style of the wedding

Wedding Portfolio What are the surroundings like (both for the wedding itself and the reception)? Is it formal or informal?classic or modern?What will the bridal gown look like?What mood are you trying to create?These are all vital clues,which will help us design an appropriate style for you.

How much do you want to spend?

Obviously,you can't be expected to have a precise budget ready prepared.But a realistic ballpark figure will help us suggest appropriate types,styles and quantities of flowers.

The colour scheme

Are there any colours which ought to be included or avoided?What colour are the Bridesmaids dresses-or the Grooms waistcoat?Or the table cloths at the reception?Swatches of material are ideal-failing that,a photograph or even a colour match from a DIY store will help.

Shapes and sizes

What age are the Bridesmaids?How tall are they.Are there any other attendants to think about(perhaps a page boy or a matron of honour)?


If the bride or bridesmaids are having flowers in their hair,their hairstyle may affect how the flowers can be fixed and what style of head-dress will be appropriate.

The Wedding Venue

How large is it?What is the lighting like?If the wedding will be celebrated in a church,synagogue,mosque or temple,are there any particular customs or requirements which the florist should you know about.

The Reception

How large is the room or marquee?Do you want table arrangements and if so how many?What is the background like-what colour and what material?Do you want any arrangements for the car?


The more we know about your plans for the wedding the easier we'll find it to give you exactly what you want.Pictures,photographs.sketches,colour guides-it all helps.Make sure you leave plenty of time before the big day.You might want an unusual flower which will have to be ordered in especially for you.

Remember flowers also make an ideal thank-you gift to bridesmaids,mothers and others who have helped you with all the planning and organisation that goes into a wedding.

We at Gloucester Florists have had a great deal of experience in designing wedding flowers and can offer you good,practical advice about the the best way to achieve the effect you want and would be more than happy to talk through and advise you on your floral requirements.

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